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Dream Interpretation…

Dreams are messages from within
A recent hypnotherapy client contacted me by email, she wanted to know more about a dream she had. It was very interesting to do the dream interpretation, and for the dream to reveal its meaning.

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The Dream…

Laura wrote… Last night I had this very profound dream. It was about something that I’d desperately wanted in my life but now, sadly, can never be. In the dream I had this “thing” and I was so happy. I also came to the realisation that if only I still had this opportunity I would be very happy. I kept thinking in the dream, “Oh god I hope this is real, I hope its not a dream”, and then of course I woke up. Its reopened some very painful wounds. I thought that I’d dealt with this issue with another counseling therapy over many years, but obviously on some level it’s still there. Can you give me your thoughts …

Dream Interpretation…

Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, dreams are metaphors and cannot be interpreted literally. Dreams are usually revealing some aspect of ourselves, our goals hopes and desires. They are not about other people or things that we dream about.

Dreams reveal what needs our full attention, such as some long forgotten part of ourselves that we have neglected. If we allow ourselves to understand these messages, we can begin to find the solutions to the greater happiness we seek.

Laura’s dream was showing her that she possess a longing to treat herself the same way as she would treat this treasured thing. The dream is guiding her to recognise that she can regain her happiness by nurturing herself in some way.

For example, I once had a dream that I had twins, a boy and a girl. And the boy was looking as though he was not well. He was not thriving. Even my grandparents in the dream were concerned about his health. He was looking very weak in comparison to the girl twin. But some part of me kept on telling me that he is normal and will regain strength some day. My dream interpretation; my subconscious was guiding me to be aware of my male/female balance, to help me become stronger, rather than becoming weaker without noticing.

When I wrote back to Laura, I said to her: “you can turn your dream into something meaningful”.

“Look at yourself here as the message; and the messenger”.

“You are talking to yourself, about yourself, in this dream. Your are showing a desire to love and appreciate yourself like the thing that you desperately wanted in the dream. Because you are happy in your dream it is an indication that some part of you has found the love for yourself. Just let the process complete itself, so that you can start feeling it in your waking hours. Hope this makes sense”.

Laura’s response to the dream interpretation…

Laura said: “What a beautiful interpretation. Thanks, it does make a lot of sense. I will just allow the process to unfold as it should”.

The above dream review was taken from an actual client case history. Name was changed to protect client privacy.

There are many books written about dreams and their meaning. Here are some common interpretations applied to certain topics within dreams, such as:

Water: rivers, oceans, pools – represent emotions. For example turbulent waves represent stress and anxiety

House: rooms within house – represent an aspect of yourself and your subconscious

Falling: sudden fall from up high – suggests loss of control, insecure feelings, fears and being threatened

Flying: being in plane or gliding through air – suggests a strong desire for freedom and overcoming limitations

Transport: car or train stalling or speeding too fast – indicates how you are experiencing your journey in life

Further insights on WebMed about dream interpretation, indicating that dreams are cryptic messages from your subconscious. It is suggested that in fact, dreams are useful tools for self-discovery and problem solving. It just takes a bit of practice to learn dream interpretation.

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