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Lately you’ve noticed your clothes are getting tight.

You’re uncomfortable…

You’re getting out of shape. You’ve become a choc-aholic and you can’t stop snacking.

You are now desperately searching for quick weight loss options. And you’re quickly discovering that there is so much conflicting information out there.

How do you avoid the pitfalls of yo-yo dieting. And how do you stick with the healthier “choices” that will make weight loss easier?

You already know that the best way to reach your desired weight, shape and size is with balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy food choices

But despite all of you best intentions, you’re finding weight loss a huge challenge. You sabotage your efforts with comfort eating and snacking, especially when you feel stressed.

Of course, you know you’re not alone! You’ve noticed that weight issues and eating disorders are becoming more common and widespread?

Binge eating, sugar cravings, snacking, emotional eating and yo-yo dieting are causing widespread weight gain.

Hypnosis for weight loss and eating disorders, can help you turn your life around. Learn how you can stay motivated and keep your weight under control.

But how do you know if you are at that critical point of becoming overweight?

To help you maintain a healthy body shape and size, below information will estimate your Body Mass Ratio.

To assess if you are overweight here is a BMI Chart

BMI is an index chart of weight-to-height ratio and is calculated as weight in kilograms divided by the height in metres squared (kg/m2).

For example, an adult who weighs 70 kilos and is 1.75m tall has a BMI of 22.9.

  • BMI = 70 kg / (1.75 m2) = 70 / 3.06 = 22.9

Below Body Fat Percentage Chart will reveal the percentage of body fat. The Heart Foundation offers a clearer idea if your weight is likely to become a serious problem for your overall health and wellbeing.

Underweight BMI = below 18.50
Normal BMI Range = ≥24.99
Overweight BMI =  ≥30.00
Obese BMI Range = ≥35.00+

Motivation for weight loss

Now that you know your BMI score, you are in a better position to decide if you would benefit from getting motivated with weight loss hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis for weight loss is like having your mind create its own virtual reality, whereby your brain is reprogrammed to naturally help you slim down and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Eating disorders leading to obesity are difficult to overcome on you own. You may need more specialised help if you are in the overweight to obese BMI weight ratio. There is now a growing demand for Virtual Hypno-Gastric-Band, a specialised field of hypnotherapy.

What is Virtual Gastric-Band Hypnosis

weight loss and healthy eating
If you haven’t heard of this form of hypnotherapy for weight loss before, you may well be asking: “What is the advantage of Hypno-Gastric-Band” therapy?

The benefits are similar to those of a gastric band surgery; where a band is placed around the stomach. Patients would afterwards eat smaller portions; feel fuller and ultimately lose weight.

All this is possible without the actual surgical procedure.

The results vary from person to person, not everyone responds in the same way. This is true of the surgical procedure, as it is for hypnotherapy treatments.

Virtual hypnosis treatment of Hypno-Gastric-Band is a specialised field of hypnotherapy. It is specifically designed to help your mind and body create a ‘virtual reality.’ Once your mind believes that a gastric band had been fitted, it effectively helps you reduce your appetite and the size of your stomach.

About Hypno-Gastric-Band Hypnotherapy sessions?

Allow me to briefly describe the weight loss hypnotherapy sessions, which consist of four one hour sessions.

Our initial session may or may not involve any hypnosis. Instead, it may be more important to fully identify underlying reasons that are contributing to weight gain. Reasons such as; skipping breakfast, snacking, comfort eating or eating absentmindedly while watching television.

We can identify healthier “choices” that will make weight management easier.

  1. The first session is spent taking your full history, exploring your individual needs, helping you understand how hypnosis works. If time allows you will be guided to experience hypnosis, to motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Next session we will use hypnosis to prepare you for the “hypno-gastric-band procedure.” This is aimed to get you familiar with reducing the size of your stomach, so you will eat less. This session will also help identify and eliminate issues relating to your comfort eating or issues with negative self-image. Or any other negative emotions that you associate with eating.
  3. During the third session of hypnotherapy you will be guided through the “gastric band procedure.” You will be given specific suggestions on having a reduced stomach size, which ultimately leads to weight loss. Along the way many helpful suggestions are made for better ways to live a healthier lifestyle, including increased motivation for exercise.
  4. Final session of hypnosis is vital for overseeing your progress and to make any adjustments needed. We will look for any aspects of weight loss or motivation you struggle with and tailor your session around these.

Clients weight loss feedback…

  • Jane said: “After the first few sessions I noticed several changes in my daily routine, I ate healthier meals and went for long walks”.
  • Sharon said: “I started to eat breakfast in the mornings, I walked to work and I used the stairs instead of the escalator.”
  • Chris said that: “I cut out soft drinks and now only drink water with meals” and “I also feel fuller quicker, even though I’m eating less”.

weight loss hypnotherapyUltimately, the best way to reach your desired weight, shape and size is when it’s gradual.

Try not to expect overnight results. Just continue to eat healthier meals, stick to smaller portions and chew thoroughly.

Continue being active, walking and working out and watch the weight melt off.

In conclusion, hypnosis for weight loss is like having your mind create a virtual reality, where your brain is reprogrammed to naturally help you slim down and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The weight loss results vary from one person to the next. Not everyone responds in the same way. This is true of the actual gastric band surgical procedure, as it is for hypnotherapy gastric band treatments.