Hypnotherapy Location | Annandale | NSW 2038

Annandale and Rozelle Bay views

Views from Annandale accross Rozelle Bay and Blackwattle Bay photo by Katherine Ferris, clinical hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy Services, Annandale Address:

Hypnotherapy Sydney Wellbeing Centre
129 Booth Street
Annandale, NSW, 2038
Ph: (02) 9568 6801 
Saturday 10am – 4pm

One of the two locations for Sydney Wellbeing Centre is on corner of Booth Street and Annandale Street, in a leafy Inner West suburb of Annandale.

It is situated in a share practice, together with Sydney Institute of Holistic Medicine.

The suburb of Annandale is just a short distance from the city, about 5 kilometres to be precise. It is nestled between the suburbs of Camperdown, Glebe, Lilyfield and Leichhardt.

In Annandale you will find plenty of good public transport. The Light Rail is nearby, just at the end of Annandale Street at Rozelle Bay tram stop.

There are plenty of regular bus services in and out of the city. Bus stops can be found on corner of Johnston Street and Booth Street.

You will also find plenty of on-street parking in and around the clinic. There are no metered parking restrictions in and around Annandale shopping village.

If you arrive early for your appointment you can enjoy a coffee in the nearby friendly village atmosphere. Annandale has wide streets lined with shady trees and lovely terraces and gardens.

There are plenty of parks to explore, including Jubilee Park Bay Walk offering breathtaking water views across to the city.

The Glebe Foreshore Walk is a very easy stroll along Rozelle Bay and Blackwattle Bay. This area is really popular with families and children enjoying the parks, while cyclists and runners trek along the many wide paths. Out on the water rowers are doing their training and lots of small boats sailing in and around the bay.

According to Best Sydney Walks there are plenty of family friendly paths along the Bay with views of three iconic Sydney bridges: Anzac Bridge (1996), Glebe Island Bridge (1903) and the Harbour Bridge (1932).

There are magnificent views of the city and foodies love taking a stroll along the bay to find the fresh seafood at the Sydney Fish Markets to make this walk a really great day out.

Annandale views to Anzac bridge

Annandale district views over Anzac Bridge, photo taken by Katherine Ferris, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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