HypnoFertility MP3 CD


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Instantly download a HypnoFertility MP3 CD to let go of stress and worry associated with trying to have a baby.

Anxiety around trying too hard to fall pregnant, can become a contributing factor of your unexplained infertility. Emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear and constant worry, cause tension and a hormonal imbalance in the chemistry of your body, including your reproductive system.

When you become too consumed with worry, your negative mind takes over and further undermines your chances. Couples from all walks of life who are undergoing treatment for infertility or IVF will tell you, stress accumulates and causes you mountains of anxiety.


How to order a physical hypnosis cd

To receive a hard copy CD posted in the mail, please call or send an email with your details and the Hypnosis CD will be sent to you postage free.

The HypnoFertility MP3 CD is designed to help you release stress and anxiety to make your journey to conception easier. Whether you are experiencing unexplained infertility symptoms or undergoing IVF procedures this Hypnosis CD will help you deal with it more calmly. Hormones play havoc during the IVF procedures and the stress of waiting for results can take a toll on both the mind and body.

This infertility MP3 CD is the most precious gift you can give yourself in preparation for pregnancy. You will feel calm, rested and rejuvenated, while nurturing yourself during this pleasant state of hypnosis. Look forward to a joyful daily experience of listening to your HypnoFertility recording guiding you to relax and gain a calm inner focus.

Visualise yourself as a mum nurturing your baby, help make your dreams become a reality. Devote time daily to relax and listen to this HypnoFertility CD to feel calm and peaceful. Enhance your health and wellbeing for a successful pregnancy.

Additionally anxiety and emotional turmoil can be released by hypnofertility treatment sessions with an experienced hypnotherapist.


Fertility treatment Testimonials
  • We are absolutely over the moon, and I just wanted to thank you so much for the Fertility CD, it was of huge help to me to get through the IVF process. ~ S.M
  • Hypnosis helped me with infertility and IVF, I’m 29 weeks pregnant!!! Yes, it all worked in the end. So very excited about the arrival of our little boy ~ Linda J, Sydney 2013
  • I am 14 weeks pregnant!!! I still can’t believe it, I am having a baby! I am over the moon. I am pregnant, and after only two sessions of HypnoFertility! After all those years of trying with IVF and Chinese Herbs without success. I am still pinching myself ~ Cassie, Syd
  • After the loss of my first pregnancy, I’ve been unable to conceive since. To resolve what happened and to pave the way to fall pregnant again, I had a hypnosis session a few weeks before I tried again, and I was successful the first time around! ~ U.N, Syd
  • “I didn’t want to tell anyone about my pregnancy before now. Didn’t want to jinx it. Really wanted to make sure everything was safe and fine. You know – it is just so magical to feel my body changing.” ~ Julie, Syd
  • My first round of IVF was a success!!! We are now over 7 weeks pregnant and saw the heartbeat yesterday for the first time. I really think my sessions with you helped me calm down and visualise a successful pregnancy… which helped me get to where I am today. ~ Meg M.