HypnoBirthing – Birth a Labour of Love MP3 CD


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Download “Birth a Labour of Love” HypnoBirthing MP3 CD.

Imagine birthing your baby calm and pain-free. Your goal of a fear-free birth becomes your reality. A birth that you can look back on fondly.

Why use a HypnoBirthing recording? Because it prepares you mentally and physically for a fear-free childbirth.

With this “Birth a Labour of Love” audio MP3 you will be guided to experience a shorter more comfortable birth.

Here you can read Birthing Stories from women who gladly shared positive outcomes. And you can find another 21 Birth Stories here.

Start practicing valuable self-hypnosis skills for calm birth for you and your baby.
Learn visualising and specific birth breathing techniques for each stage of birthing.


Step-by-step breathing techniques for birth

Download this easy to follow hypnobirthing recording and listen to it before you go to sleep each night. This hypnotic rehearsal will guide you through each stage of birth. Just as importantly you will get step-by-step breathing techniques that will be of immense help throughout the different stages of your Birth.

The daily practice of self-hypnosis on this CD will fill you with calm confidence, helping you look forward to giving birth. Easily prepare your mind and body for a calm birth.


HypnoBirthing birth CD testimonials

Birth a Labour of Love is a hypnotic birth rehearsal CD MP3 and it guides you to visualise a positive birth experience. When a pregnant woman is properly prepared; mentally, physically and spiritually, she can experience a calm, natural childbirth. You can play the recording throughout your entire birth. It is just as helpful to women who are being induced or preparing for a c-section.


Testimonials of calm, natural births
  • I used hypnobirthing breathing, visualizations and listened to the Birth Labour of Love cd through the entire birthing process. The midwife commented that I was so relaxed, calm and composed and I would agree. It was hard work but I was so in the zone and determined and focused and armed with all the right info and tools. ~ Rebecca
  • I found the birth CD very useful – I would put it on most nights when I went to bed. I usually fell asleep quickly and slept soundly. I found the breathing techniques described on the CD very helpful. ~ D.K
  • We listened to your Birth CD every day and I’d say that it put us both in such a positive frame of mind that everything went just as we planned, drug free, calm and short birth. ~ M.B Sydney 
  • The birth was amazing and very quick indeed – only 4 hours labour – we arrived at hospital at 9:30pm and she arrived at one minute to midnight. The whole thing was really calm and pain free – just wonderful. After our Hypnobirthing classes with you I continued to listen to your Cd every day. I think that the Labour of Love cd helped me learn to relax deeply. Being calm between surges was the key. The first stage of labour felt like period pains and was manageable. I went into a bath for the second phase which wasn’t painful at all – I just felt pressure. I feel so proud and empowered that I had such a wonderful birthing experience. ~ Clair
  • Yes you are correct in assuming that I found the hypno-birth cd useful. I purchased “Birth a Labour of Love” when I found out I was pregnant with bub number 2. My first labour was quite normal. I managed to get through with only gas and the support of my husband, mum and midwife. During the first birth I found that I was very overwhelmed by the whole process and didn’t feel it was a very calm birth. However, I wanted my second son to start life in a more relaxed way. So whilst pregnant, I listened to the birth CD and practiced the techniques numerous times. I was actually quite surprised at how easy the techniques were. The birth CD not only had an instant calming effect, but I felt much more relaxed about the impending birth. I found using the breathing and visualisation techniques came easily when contractions started. The labour was definitely much calmer, about half the time as my first and I was able to get through without drugs or gas! Many thanks ~ Carly 


Testimonials of caesarean and induced births
  • By focusing on breathing and relaxing the muscles in my body and handing myself over to my birthing body I was able to sail through the first 14 hours comfortably and calmly. But baby Ava was not quite prepared for her birth and after several attempts to turn her, I was unable to continue labouring due to exhaustion. An emergency caesarean was ordered. While my birthing experience did not go exactly to plan, I was still able to remain calm throughout the whole process. I truly believe that my baby experienced far less trauma for this simple reason. I credit this to the methods I learned through using the CD. While not the most positive story I am really grateful to have had the aid of the “Labour of Love” CD. I will certainly recommend your CD to other pregnant women wanting a calm and natural childbirth. ~ Sally M. Qld 
  • I was hospitalised the week before Riley was born due to pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure, they needed to monitor baby’s heart rate. To help me relax I listened to your Hypnobirthing CD which helped me sleep better and retain a positive frame of mind during those tense days. With the medics advice, I made the decision to be induced. Through the procedure of my waters being broken, I again listen to your CD recording while practising the relaxing breath. When the surges came, the balloon breath was wonderful, helping me ride the waves and give my uterus enough space to work. Stage two came much quicker than any of the medics expected. I again used the breathing techniquesThe birthing in total was only just over 3 hours. Obstetrician commented later that having seen how we approached our birth, he was now a fan of hypnobirthing!  ~ Rachel