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Hypnosis Self-Confidence MP3 CD


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Instantly download Self Confidence hypnosis MP3 CD to release your negativity and self-doubt.

Rediscover your confidence, feel worthy and respect yourself and your needs. Become self-assured and confident in any situation; including public speaking either at work or at a social gatherings.

How to order a physical hypnosis cd

To receive a hard copy CD posted in the mail, please call or send an email with your details and the Hypnosis CD will be sent to you postage free.

Lack of confidence leads to unhealthy coping strategies

When you lack confidence and are feeling insecure and doubt yourself, you cope in ways that are limiting.

Unhealthy ways of coping with insecurity and low self-esteem include: smoking, drinking, gambling, drugs, junk food, procrastinating, zoning out, withdrawing, avoiding social activity and agoraphobia.

People often criticise themselves for not being more confident, prettier, funnier, smarter and so on. This leaves them feeling inadequate at work or inferior in social situations. If not dealt with it can develop into a full blown social phobia.

Inadequacy and lack of confidence usually stems from unresolved emotions and turmoil in childhood, where you were criticised and felt insecure. As a result you developed limiting beliefs about yourself. You overanalysed everything you did. Moreover you became a people pleaser so you would be loved and accepted by your family. Subsequently, you learned to be hyper vigilant, anxious, confused, feeling unworthy or not good enough.

Hypnosis MP3 CD for self-confidence will help to release charged emotions, limiting beliefs and insecurities.

Hypnosis MP3 CD for self-confidence

On the surface confident people may appear calm and in control, but beneath the surface they are in turmoil. Likewise, people from all walks of life can have problems with negative thoughts, habits, beliefs, self criticism, stress and insecurity.

“You have been criticising yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself instead and see what happens” ~ Louise L Hay

Instead of self-criticism and thoughts that are in turmoil, wouldn’t it be nice to think of yourself kindly, in a supportive way?

Hypnotherapy sessions can help you overcome insecurities, bad habits and negativity – to stop being your own worst enemy.

Similarly, practicing self-hypnosis will not only improve your confidence, but also your relationships with family, friends, workmates and people you meet.

Just as importantly, devoting time to listen to this Hypnosis CD for Self-Confidence on regular basis will help you release self-limiting beliefs. Give yourself the chance you deserve to succeed and overcome your insecurity. Instead, experience a deeper self-understanding and a more profound sense of self-worth as you regularly listen to this Hypnosis MP3 for Self-Confidence.

Testimonial of Hypnosis MP3 CD

  • Thank you for your website and the CDs. I bought one of each to meditate with. The difference I feel is unbelievable. I feel so much better in myself. It is helping me enormously, I feel so much more calm. 
  • There have been some big changes in my confidence, mainly with the way that I deal with people. I don’t hold myself back and I have my say. My communications teacher is very impressed with my input during class. I do feel that I value myself more now.