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Anxiety Relief Hypnosis CD


Hypnosis CD for relief of Stress and Anxiety

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Calm and inspirational words on this Hypnosis for Anxiety Relief CD, evoke a deep relaxation. Calmness and relaxation are well known to enhance your ability to release tension, stress and anxiety. Soothing words and music guide you to surrender yourself to the peacefulness of this very relaxing hypnosis CD.

Surrender and open your heart to an abundance of love for your own health and wellbeing. On this peaceful journey, the words guide you to rebalance the vital chakra energy in your body. Just like the Lotus flowers float and gently move on the surface of a calm pond, your mind will gently float into relaxation and calmness.

This hypnosis anxiety relief cd taps into your own higher potential to discover who you truly are, as you move towards your own highest good. Feel revitalised and calm, as the vibrant flow of energy moves through you. Reduce your anxiety and enhance your emotional health and wellbeing.

Having decided to use this hypnosis cd to reduce your anxiety, you have taken the first and most significant step for your mental health. You have made a commitment to do something positive and constructive.

Statistics show that stress of modern life is increasing at an alarming rate. Studies suggest a 45% increase in stress and anxiety over the past few decades. If this trend continues mental health, particularly stress and anxiety, are predicted to be major lifestyle issue.

Chronic stress and anxiety are, of course, linked to mood and depression. This is reflected in the fact that stress affects serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, the main neurotransmitters linked to mood.

Many of the medical treatments of depression are aimed at increasing the level of serotonin in the brain. Changing ‘only’ the chemicals in the brain provides limited success in treating depression and preventing relapse. That’s because we also have to change the underlying negative emotions or behaviours.

Hypnosis is the preferred choice for many people for transforming limiting emotions and behaviours without resorting to medication.

Listening to this anxiety relief hypnosis cd to reduce your stress and anxiety puts you back in control. You are taking the most important steps for your emotional wellbeing. Just as importantly, you are making a commitment to do something positive to reduce your anxiety.