Anxiety Relief Hypnosis MP3 CD


Hypnosis CD for relief of Stress and Anxiety

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Instantly Download Anxiety Relief Hypnosis MP3 CD.

Get fast relief from symptoms of stress and anxiety.  

Stress, anxiety and panic attacks are a symptom of emotional turmoil. Feelings of fear and panic cause fuzzy thinking and lack of focus.

Do you silently dread those unexpected bouts of anxiety? Stress and anxiety are described as feeling overwhelmed, wound up and panicky.

Next time you’re feeling stressed and anxious, notice what’s going on in your mind and body and learn to reduce the symptoms.

Easiest way to release tension, stress and anxiety is to listen to the inspirational words on this Hypnosis Anxiety Relief MP3 CD. Calmness and relaxation are well known to enhance your ability to release tension, stress and anxiety. Soothing words and music guide you to surrender yourself to the peacefulness of this very relaxing hypnosis CD.


Stress is mind pollution

You can get used to a steady stream of mind chatter blowing things out of proportion. Never-ending thoughts, emotions, stories and dramas running thorough your mind.

During anxiety episodes you feel an overwhelming sense of fear and dread. Your heart is racing, your muscles are tense and tight, you feel anxious panic arising.

Anxiety doesn’t speak to logic, it whispers through your ears directly to your fears ~

Frequently though, you don’t fully recognise the impact anxiety is having on you.

Until you step out of it.


Audio Hypnosis MP3 CD recording to reduce intensity of anxiety

Learn to reduce the frequency and intensity of your anxiety. Gain relief from anxiousness brought on by unrelenting mind chatter, stress and worry.

Surrender and open your heart to an abundance of love and caring for your own health and wellbeing. On this peaceful hypnotic journey, the words guide you to rebalance the vital chakra energy in your body. Just like the Lotus flowers float, gently moving on the surface of a calm pond, your mind will gently float into relaxation and calmness.

This hypnosis anxiety relief MP3 cd taps into your higher potential to easily discover who you truly are. Feel revitalised and calm, as the healing energy moves you towards your own highest good. Reduce your anxiety and enhance your emotional health and wellbeing.

Having decided to use this hypnosis MP3 cd to reduce your anxiety, you have taken the first and most significant step for your mental health. You have made a commitment to do something positive and constructive.

Statistics show that stress of modern life is increasing at an alarming rate. Studies suggest a 45% increase in stress and anxiety over the past few decades. Furthermore, if this trend continues mental health, particularly stress and anxiety, are predicted to be a major lifestyle issue.

Chronic stress and anxiety are, of course, linked to mood and depression. This is reflected in the fact that stress affects serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, the main neurotransmitters linked to mood.

Furthermore, medical treatments of depression are aimed at increasing the level of serotonin in the brain. Changing ‘only’ the chemicals in the brain provides limited success in treating depression and preventing relapse. That’s because we also have to change the underlying negative emotions or behaviours.


Anxiousness is caused by negative imaginary scenarios – reduce it with hypnosis anxiety relief MP3 cd

Anxiousness is brought on by catastrophising and agonising over upcoming future events. Negative thoughts going round and round in your head convince you that something is going to be far worse than it really is. As a result, worries continue bouncing around in your head as you play out worst-case scenarios in your mind.

“I’ve been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened” ~ Mark Twain

When you worry and criticise yourself you become anxious and insecure. As a result you feel as though you are not good enough, you feel helpless. Subsequently, you begin to worry about what other people think of you.

Similarly, people often criticise themselves for not being more confident, prettier, funnier, smarter and so on. This leaves them feeling inadequate at work or inferior in social situations. If not dealt with it can develop into a full blown social phobia.


Inner critic and relentless negative self-talk makes anxiety much worse

The more you criticise yourself the more powerful the inner critic gets.

The more you compare yourself to others, the less you seem to measure up.

“You have been criticising yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself instead and see what happens” ~ Louise L Hay

Hypnosis is the preferred choice for many people for transforming limiting emotions and behaviours without resorting to medication.

Listening to this anxiety relief hypnosis MP3 CD will reduce your stress and anxiety putting you back in control. You are taking the most important steps for your emotional wellbeing. Just as importantly, you are making a commitment to do something positive to reduce your anxiety.